How to talk to a potential sugar daddy: 10 topics

conversation with a sugar daddy,first conversation with sugar daddyPicture this: You’ve found an awesome Sugar Daddy on sugar daddy website and you’re finally on the first date. He’s handsome, flirtations, and kind. Everything you dreamed of and more! It’s all perfect until suddenly there’s a lull in the conversation and you do not know what to say to a sugar daddy.

Avoid this worst nightmare scenario with our ten conversation topics.We get these topics from experienced sugar babies about the first conversation with sugar daddy. Study up now to get some ideas in case that moment ever happens to you.

All About Him

It’s a fact: Men really like talking about themselves. If you need a minute to sit back and listen and maybe sip on your drink, just get him talking about his background. It’s a great way to learn more about his lifestyle, his upbringing, and more.

Work, Work, Work

You can almost guarantee that this guy has devoted a big part of his life to work. Unless he inherited a family fortune, that’s how he got wealthy! He will likely be enthusiastic about talking about the activity that takes up so much of his time. Maybe you’ll learn a tip or two that will help you in your own business endeavors.

Just For Fun

What are his hobbies? You can learn so much about a person by finding out what they do for fin. Maybe he’s a rock climber or an aspiring poet! No matter what his hobby is, it’s sure to keep you chatting for a good long while.

Today’s News

If you’re in the know, current events are a jackpot of conversation fodder. Figuring out which news stories he has been following will also give you the added bonus of insight into what makes him tick.

All About You

If you’re on a date, you can be sure he wants to learn more about you. He wants to learn things beyond the basics on your profile. You can tell him where you grew up, what you like to do for fun, or even play up a cute quirk he’ll smile about when he remembers it the next day.

Hopes and Dreams

Tell him about your goals! What do you want out of life? Where do you see yourself in a few years? Motivation is a very attractive quality in Sugar Babies (and all women) (all men too, actually).

Whole Wide World

Many Sugar Daddies are well-travelled. Listen to his travel stories and tell some of your own. You can discuss dream destinations and favorite places you’ve already been. Who knows? It could even get him thinking about taking you along on his next trip!

Pets and Other Critters

Some people are big time animal lovers and some just aren’t. Find out! Does he love kittens and puppies? Does he have a nerdy, but cute passion for birdwatching? Maybe he really loves zoos and it could be a date destination. Animals are a good topic that often sparks passionate conversation.

Food Faves

Everybody has to eat, whether they’re a foodie or not. It will be interesting to share your favorite dishes and favorite types of cuisine. Fine dining can be a big part of Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy relationships, so why not make your preferences known?

Movies, TV, Books, Music etc.

Entertainment is entertaining. Find out all about his favorites, his guilty pleasures and more. Share your own too (it’s only fair). You can learn so much about a person from the movies, tv shows, books, and music they like.

One last tip. Keep your phone in your bag or pocket, not in your hand or own the table. It makes it easier to fully engage. Sending the occasional text during a date is more acceptable now than it used to be, but it’s still best to avoid it to make the best impression. If you’re interested in learning more about making a good impression, check out our article on the subject!