The perfect pictures for a sugar baby's profile

Meet More Sugar Daddies with Better Profile Pictures

You can win or lose a sugar daddy's attention with your profile pictures, and it's not because of your looks. What you're doing in the pictures can affect how you're perceived, and with the right pictures, you might be able to catch a few more eyes and invites in your inbox.

Since there’s so much more to us than our looks, picking a photo for sugar dating profile can be really stressful. Don’t fear. This article is a veritable treasure chest of hints and tips for choosing or shooting photos that will show off your personality.

If you’re a bookworm and like to spend your time studying, your pic should reflect that. Try posing with your favorite collection of short stories! Or if you’re more of a party animal, get a shot of yourself applying mascara or lipstick or a healthy dose of glitter eyeliner before a night on the town. Read the rest of this article for more tips on how to select the best photos for your Sugar daddy / Sugar Baby dating profile.

The Bust Shot – Your Main Picture

This should be a clear, basic photo from the shoulders up. Wear the type of clothes you would wear to a nice dinner. It should clearly and accurately depict your face and your upper body frame. Some dating sites will allow you to place a black bar over your eyes or even blur out your entire face in the interest of privacy if that is a concern. It is not really recommended because your eyes are really the star of this type of photo. You want them to look sincere. Smile with your eyes, or as Tyra Banks always says “Smize!”

Show off your style, but do not overdo it

use normal picture on your profile on sugar daddy websites

Many new Sugar Babies make the mistake of wearing tons of makeup in their primary pictures and giving the impression that they are super high maintenance. In general, you should wear whatever makeup makes you happy, but for this it is better to look like your normal self. Wear the amount of makeup you wear on an everyday basis and if you like to mix it up and play with your look, err on the more natural side for this. It gives a more approachable and friendly vibe. The photo should also show your sense of style in the clothing you select. Prove that you know how to assemble a put-together, appropriate, cute outfit. It is best if you look like yourself, not like an intensified version of yourself. You want to give Sugar Daddies an idea of what they can expect you to look like when you meet up.


I just want to reiterate: Keep it simple in the makeup department in your bust shot. This is just not the best time to get creative. Go for a naturally pretty look. Use neutral shades for your light application of blush and eyeshadow. You want to complement your skin tone rather than contrast with it. If you must include some deep, bold colors, do so on your lips – perhaps a rusty red or a sultry berry depending on your skin.

Other Pictures

The other pictures on your profile are the places where you can play around a bit more. You still need to look like yourself, though. You can do some full-body shots that show off different styles of outfits that you might wear on dates, some more formal and some more casual. It would be a good idea to give Sugar Daddies a sense that you can dress appropriately for a wide variety of occasions, and be someone he’ll be proud to have by his side wherever he goes, whether it is formal or casual.

Do not photoshop yourself into a stranger. And don’t use old photos that are no longer accurate. Even if you think you’re making “improvements,” it isn’t honest and will only cause confusion later on. And anyway, if he doesn’t like the real you, he clearly isn’t a good Sugar Daddy for you to pursue or be matched with. It saves everyone time to be honest. Just imagine how frustrated you would feel if you had seen a photo of a Sugar Daddy at 45 year of age and when you met up in person, he was ten years older than the photo showed.

Other considerations

In anonymity is important to you, there are certain things you should avoid showing in your picture at sugar daddy sites.

-Unusual hair color


-Anything particularly unique or one-of-a-kind

Keeping these things private will help separate your real life self from your sugar baby self. Tattoos, in particular, can easily be linked back to your real life identity and social media accounts. Remember people can reverse image search your photos. Pictures on your sugar dating profile should probably not be photos that you have posted on social media elsewhere, because that is one way you can be traced.

Be Your Best Self In Your Sugar Dating Profile

Put your best foot forward! This is the place to show off your natural beauty and everything else that makes you a sugar daddy’s perfect sugar baby. Be the best version of yourself.